Royal College Of Science  has been committed to the cause of education to our nation’s youth for over five years and is the most popular educational network in Narowal, Pakistan. Our experience and excellence has been proven time and again through our students’ achievements.

Our aim is to create a community that is increasingly entrepreneurial and even more reliant on technology and our courses are designed to give our students the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in today’s competitive environment. We provide a stimulating and supportive environment, which focuses on the power of individual guidance and assistance. With the latest Labs, Computers and well-stocked Libraries, we give our students the tools they need to grow into competent, skilled and self-assured professionals. RCS have an experienced, highly qualified and dedicated faculty. We have followed our passion and focused on our dreams.

Our story of growth, with God’s blessing, has been phenomenal. RCS is functioning accurately and playing their part in imparting quality education with equal opportunities for boys and girls.

The studious students from small towns and cities used to commute to the cities where RCS was operating thus spending good amount of time, money and energy. Keeping in view the problems and trends of the students and their parents, we decided to establish new collegein the city lacking the latest educational facilities and thanks to Almighty Allah.

Our vision for the future is defined by realism and a can-do spirit. Our focus is steadfastly on raising the quality of education to bring it at par not only with the best in Pakistan but with those who refer themselves as world-class educational institutions.

We assure you that your educational experience in our institutions, be it Royal College Of Science Narowal, will be a rewarding one both academically and culturally.